Open for Writers!

Hello, Hartford writers!

Your Writing Center is now open for the Spring 2022 semester, and we can’t wait to see you. There are three ways you can work on your writing with us, all of which are scheduled through our online system:

In-Person Sessions: We will have regular in-person sessions where you meet with a consultant and discuss your project and any drafting you’ve done for it. We require that both the consultant and writer wear masks for these sessions.

Online Sessions: If you are unable to come to the center in-person, you can still have a live conversation about your paper with our online sessions. You and the consultant meet in a virtual chat room and discuss your paper live.

e-Tutoring Sessions: Should your schedule not fit with ours, you can send us a copy of your draft and the requirements for your work, and we will respond with commentary about what we see and suggestions about how to better fit the parameters of the project.

Alongside this, you can reach out to live consultants during our regular hours at our website with the chat feature located in the bottom right of the screen.

It is an exciting semester, and we look forward to being part of your pla