Virtual Consultations

Your Hartford UConn Writing Center offers one type of virtual writing conversation.

  • e-Tutoring Consultations are always available and offer asynchronous, remote paper discussions. We comment on your paper without meeting you and send you our notes. You can watch a discussion of this system below. This is a great option if you are too busy to fit an in-person conversation into your schedule.

If you are looking for instructions about attaching files to appointments, click here!

If you are looking for help with making an account, watch the video here!

e-Tutoring Consultations

E-Tutoring consultations are made through our scheduler. This consultation requires that you upload your draft and any assignment documents or other materials that we will need to help you most effectively. You do not meet with us in a virtual space, and instead we comment on your material and send you a document at the end with our notes on it.

When you make the reservation for this kind of consultation, select “e-Tutoring” as the meeting option at the top of the form, and then upload all of the materials you want us to look at.

At the time you reserved, a consultant will review the material, providing commentary and notes on what they see. These will be saved into a file for you, and at the end of the reservation time, they will send you a document with their thoughts and comments, helping you to revise your draft.

If you’d like to see the e-Tutoring system in action, here’s a video going over the system:


Online Consultations

The Hartford UConn writing center does not currently offer synchronous virtual consultations. If you are unable to visit our campus or find that speaking directly to a consultant helps your writing process, we encourage you to visit the Storrs Writing Center page, which has some options for this kind of assistance.