We at the Writing Center understand that not everyone has the time to physically visit the center and speak with a consultant about their work. One-on-one, in-person discussions about a paper tend to be far more valuable for a writer than the disjointed nature of the electronic consultation, so we encourage you to find time to visit us if possible.

If that is impossible, it is better to get some help than none at all–thus we have the e-Consultations available on our schedule.

Please keep in mind that for our e-Consultations we cannot provide unlimited feedback; we will give you the same hour that we would give an in-person writer, but that doesn’t mean that we can get through all of a particularly long paper. The more specific you are about what it is you are worried about or would like help with, the more accurately we can direct our feedback and commentary.

Directions for e-Consultations

To make an e-Consultation appointment, you will need to make an account with us on our schedule. You can do that by visiting the Hartford Writing Center Scheduler and completing the appropriate forms.

Once you have an account (don’t forget to activate by clicking the link in the confirmation email), you’ll be able to access our schedule. Our consultants are listed on the left, and some of the consultants have a note under their names that reads “Face-to-face or eTutoring”. Select one of the available times for a tutor who has this designation.

Complete the Appointment form as normal–making sure to select “Yes” to the “Meet online?” question. Provide as much data as you can about the assignment and your concerns, and save the appointment.

After saving the appointment a dialogue box will open asking you if you want to upload a file. Please select the file you would like feedback on and upload it; we prefer to work with Microsoft Word documents, as they have the easiest commentary system. If you submit something other than a Word document, we cannot guarantee comments on your document, though we will still provide a feedback letter.

If you would like to upload more than one document–providing your consultant the assignment sheet for your paper, for instance–you can add multiple documents to your appointments by clicking on the folder icon, found on the top left of the schedule under your name.

Your consultant will review the file you send during that hour of their time at the center, and once complete, will send a document back to you with commentary. Make sure you select a time for your consultation that will allow you some space for revisions before you must turn in your paper or work.

Send any questions you may have to:  hartfordwriting@gmail.com