Consultant Resources

A comprehensive listing of all possible strategies and tools that a consultant might find useful seems an impossible task, and yet it can be helpful to have reminders and a place to go for suggestions when we’re stuck. Aside from our small library of text resources in the Writing Center itself, any consultants in need of guidance might find some helpful tips and tools here.

The categories below come from our 2014 visiting writer appointment form and cover a wide range of issues that writers might find as they pursue the various goals of writing. Feel free to reach out to us if you have suggestions or additions we can make!


Meeting Assignment Guidelines

This area of concern focuses on addressing the prompt of the paper to to the best of the writer’s ability. The language of a prompt can be confusing and difficult for a writer to parse, and a second set of eyes is often useful in determining exactly what is required. It is important to remember that an “assignment” can be many things–writing a personal statement, producing a resume, or writing a business or cover letter can count as an “assignment”, and sometimes the expectations of these tasks can be unclear or fuzzy.

Part of our task as consultants is to help clarify and guide writers as they try to address these needs.

Click here for a more detailed discussion of issues and tactics that can be pursued in helping writers figure out how to best meet the needs of their projects.

Inquiry Into Ideas

Fill in with material.

Reading Texts

While writers often work with texts in the projects they bring to us, we cannot assume that they are comfortable–or even knowledgeable–about the material they are engaged with. Working with such writers without coming back to the texts they are trying to explore may end with limited productivity in the session, and you should feel comfortable shifting focus back to the texts themselves.

Click here for a more detailed discussion of some of the strategies and concerns to consider when reading texts with writers.

Defining a Project

Fill in with material.

Engaging with Text

Fill in with material.

Reflection and Revision

Fill in with material.

Organization and Development

Fill in with material.


Fill in with material.

Class Visits

We regularly visit classes to explain how the Writing Center works, and if you are interested in having a little presentation to go with it, you can use this one for that purpose.